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09-15-2005, 11:09 PM
Am I suupose to convert 207 miles to radians? Sorry I'm so lost...

The diameter of the wheels on your car (including the tires) is 25 inches. You are going to drive 207 miles today. Each of your wheels is going to turn by an angle of __________ degrees.


You travel again in your trusty car with the 25 inch wheels. You installed a nifty gadget that measures how often your wheels turn each hour. It shows that right now they turn 55000 times per hour. You figure you are going at a speed ________ of miles per hour.

09-16-2005, 12:02 AM
1) "Miles" measure straight-line distance. "Radians" measure angles. I am not aware of any way to equate the two.

2) What is the circumference? What is the distance, in inches, to be travelled? How many times then do you rotate through this circumference? Recalling that each full rotation is two-pi radians, how many radians does this equal?

3) What is the circumference? How much distance, in inches, is represented by this many times of the tire's surface rotating? How many miles is this?


09-16-2005, 04:12 PM
Look me along time but I finally fingure out both problems.
Thanks stapel

09-16-2005, 04:15 PM
Took me a long time but I finally figured out both problems.
Excellent! These sorts of exercises can be a bit befuddling when you first look at them, but once you get the hang of them, they're easy points on the test. Good work! :wink: :D