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09-17-2005, 12:36 PM
If m< 1 = 46, find m< DXC and m< CXB
Please Help me ... Thank You

09-17-2005, 12:42 PM
∠ CXB = ∠ 1

I'm not seeing the rest, right off. Are you sure we have ALL the information? (Maybe I'm just not awake. :wink: )

Where's the single-tick equivalence? I think it's a bit odd to move straight to the double-tick. Maybe not.

09-17-2005, 12:52 PM
Yeah that's all the info they gave me... ^_^;

Miss Mary
09-17-2005, 01:21 PM
I would say you first have to find the things in this diagram that you are able to assume...

Such as....

Straight angles...

That might help you out a bit...I am currently trying to figure it out but at the moment I am stuck at a point..

09-17-2005, 01:51 PM
Do you think that finding all th other angles will help us with the one we're looking for if so this is what I've got so far
m< ADB = 60
m<ABD = 30

(Edit: Forget my assumptions)
I know that Assuming is bad but it's the best that I can think of

Miss Mary
09-17-2005, 01:54 PM
Do NOT assume right angles unless stated...

You can assume straight angles however...

You can say that angle DAB is a right angle since it is stated.