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  1. Re: Equation

    thank ya :D
  2. Re: Equation

  3. Re: slope-intercept form

    Thank you
  4. Re: Equation

    This is how i figure it out. Please let me know if I am correct.

    m=0 (undefine)
  5. Re: Equation

    Not sure if I understand. Can you explain some more. I have not done this one
  6. Re: slope-intercept form

    y+3=-3(x-6) Sorry it was an error with the equal sign


    Is this correct?
  7. slope-intercept form of y + 3 + -3(x - 6) (i get y=3x-15)

    Hey Guys can you let em know if I am on the right track. Sometimes I messed up with the negative/postive.

    Write the equation in slope-intercept form.


  8. Equation of line thru (3,2) w/undefined slope in y=mx+b form

    Hi All can you please assist. I am not sure what this is asking.

    Find the equation of the line in the form of y=mx+b if possible:

    The line through (3,2) with undefine slope.
  9. Re: Problems

    You have forgotten this: "Write clear definitions so you never are confused."

    If you had this staring at you on the page:

    n = the lesser of my two odd integers
    n + 2 = the greater of my two...
  10. Re: Problems

    n=27, 28

    I hope this is correct now
  11. Re: Problems

    Got 28 & 30
  12. Re: Problems

    the consective odd numbers for 56 is what?
  13. Re: Problems

    Ok I am rusty at this but thanks


    so therefore P= 2(24+6)
    P= 60
  14. Re: Problems

    I am trying to figure it out but not sue what i am doing but i am really trying.
    ok so if

    p=2l + 36
  15. Re: Problems

    NO. Hint: w(4w) = 144[/quote]

    Ok the perimetre is 36
  16. Re: Problems

    The perimeter is 72. Is that correct?
  17. Re: Problems

    What do you mean about your statement?

    the 2 odd intergers are 53 and 3. Is this correct?

    I am still working on the perimeter
  18. length 4 times width; find perim if area is 144; find 2 cons

    Ok guys I am really rusty now- Its been over 10 years I haven't done math really need the hlep.

    Question 1: The length of a rectangl is 4 times its width. If the area is 144cm2 (thats square),...
  19. Re: Please help on Equations

    Thanks y'all for the help
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    Re: Make y=mx+b

    You went astray right off. (1/3)(1/2) = 1/6[/quote]

    Can you show me the steps from the beginning to the end. this one is abig confusing and tricky. Thanks
  21. Re: Re:

    Why would you do that?

    3 - 3(5-4) = 3 - 3(1) = 3-3 = 0 -- Much easier.

    Isn't zero = zero? This seems a good result. Where is the confusing part? You were to find a value of x for which the...
  22. Re:

    What did you get, when you plugged "-450" back into the original equation?


    Both sides equal to -85
  23. Re:

    Does all the equations have to equal? This questions came under the topic Indenties, conditional equations and inconsistent equation
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    The question is y + 1/2 = -1/3(x + 1/2)

    Solving a variable so that y=mx+b
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    Make y=mx+b with y+1/2 = -1/3 (x+ 1/2)

    This is hard but please let me know if I am on the rght track and if my answer is correct

    y+1/2 = -1/3 (x+ 1/2)

    y + 1/2 = -1/3x -2/6 (multiply and remove th braccket)

    y = 1/3x - 2/6 - 1/2...
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