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    Range: movie lengths and classes

    Okay, I think this is the forum I should be looking under.

    Pick a range of times that fits the spread of your movie lengths nicely. Make sure you have at least 5 classes that cover all possible...
  2. Re: Probabilty w/ dice

    That was a great help! so again, using the 2 dice example, if i rolled eight sixes the theoretical probability of me rolling a six would be 8/36 or 2/9? And how do you find out how many ways two...
  3. Probabilty w/ dice: using data from my 100 rolls

    This should be the easiest part to understand, but i'm confused:

    Use the data from your 100 rolls to estimate the probability of getting each possible numeric value. Repeat the process after...
  4. Well, if anyone wants to take a shot at it,...

    Well, if anyone wants to take a shot at it, here's my understanding

    5000(1)+ 4700(30)

    = 4866.67

    I= 4866.67(.0075)(1)
  5. not 300 payments. $300 payments

    not 300 payments. $300 payments
  6. Does that mean that i don't count the payments...

    Does that mean that i don't count the payments until the next month? If it says his original payment was on the 10th and each payment is due on the 12 of each subsequent billing cycle then i wouldn't...
  7. Average daily balance is found by adding the...

    Average daily balance is found by adding the unpaid balances for each day of the billing period and dividing by the number of days in the billing period.

    I= Prt r=mo rate t one month
  8. Credit cards: How long to pay off balance, assuming that....

    Okay, this problem is kickin me around somethin fierce, please help!

    Joe College decides he wants to buy a top of the line entertainment system. The only problem is he canít afford the $5,000 it...
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