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Thread: Volume of a solid (integration word problem)

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    Volume of a solid (integration word problem)

    Find the volume of a solid whose base is enclosed by the circle x^2+y^2 = 9 and whose cross sections taken perpendicular to the x-axis are as follows:
    a. Semicircles
    b. Equilateral triangles
    ill just let the equation of circle be in terms of x since the area sweep is parallel to the x axis

    Since the lower limit of y is zero then the radius will just be
    [TEX]y = \sqrt{9-x^2}[/TEX]

    Area of semicircle
    [TEX]A = \frac{1}{2}\pi{r}^2[/TEX]
    then Volume
    [TEX]V = \int_{-3}^{3}{A}dx[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = \int_{-3}^{3}{\frac{1}{2}\pi{r}^2}dx[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = \int_{-3}^{3}{\frac{1}{2}\pi(\sqrt{9-x^2})^2}dx[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = 18\pi[/TEX]

    The lower portion and upper portion is
    [TEX]y = \sqrt{9-x^2} - (-\sqrt{9-x^2})[/TEX]
    [TEX]s=y = 2\sqrt{9-x^2}[/TEX]
    Area of equilateral
    [TEX]A = \frac{(s)^2\sqrt{3}}{4}[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = \int_{-3}^{3}{A}dx[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = \int_{-3}^{3}{\frac{(2\sqrt{9-x^2})^2\sqrt{3}}{4}}dx[/TEX]
    [TEX]V = 62.35[/TEX]

    i know this is the wrong answer because its not in the multiple choice answers
    a. 66pi
    b. 70pi
    c. 68pi
    d. 72pi

    a. 16sqrt(3)
    b. 17sqrt(3)
    c. 18sqrt(3)
    d. 19sqrt(3)
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    Part a, I do not think you're wrong. I get [tex]18\pi[/tex] as well.

    Your work and logic seems OK. Same with part b.

    The choices given appear to be multiples of your answers.

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    Estimate with a sphere of radius 3.

    [TEX]\frac{1}{2}\cdot\frac{4}{3}\pi 3^{3} = 18\pi[/TEX]

    Okay, was that really an "estimate"?

    Really, ALWAYS find a way to verify your work. In your "a", substitite +/- 3 with +/- r and substitute 9 with r^2 and see what you produce. It should look familiar.
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