How do I calculate Wind Chill?

The wind chill is a measurement of what it "feels like" when wind speed is considered. We all know that wind can make a cool winter day feel bitter cold, and the wind chill is just a way of measuring this effect. The current formula for wind chill, set by the National Weather Service, is the following:


Wind Chill (Celsius, km/h)

Wind Chill in Celsius

In this formula, Tchill is the wind chill in celsius. Ta is the actual temperature. V is the wind velocity in km/h.


Wind Chill (Fahrenheit, mph)

To calculate the wind chill in fahrenheit, use the formula below. This formula uses mph for the wind speed.

Wind Chill in Fahrenheit


More Information

The National Weather Service has a page that includes a chart of wind chill values for given wind speeds. There's also a wind chill calculator there. Or, visit Wunderground for a map of current US wind chill values.

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