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09-05-2018, 05:54 AM
Welcome to the Wall of Shame, math help123. You're banned for SPAM and for engaging in consumer ripoffs.



And shame on you for wasting Dr. Peterson's time with your fake request for help.


09-05-2018, 06:45 AM
A belated welcome to the Wall of Shame, for you Anne. You're banned for multiple SPAM and for suggesting it's okay for people to cheat and lie.



Notable excerpts, taken from a few of the many web sites you promoted last month:

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09-05-2018, 07:43 AM
Go go gadget banning!


09-08-2018, 07:57 AM
Wecome to the Wall of Shame, lumusislight! You're banned for SPAM of the worst kind (at an academic help site).

From your biography and claimed location:

Born in Finland, moved to the UK (studied at Henley College Coventry) and then to the USA. Here, started as a sports coach. Location: Portland, Oregon.

Yet, you're posting from another location on the planet. (You must be working while on vacation, huh. So dedicated.)


Gosh, you look like someone's kindly 'ol grammy. But then you upload this degrading image of your younger self (redaction mine):


Something is seriously wrong with you (and with your proofreading skills, too).

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09-08-2018, 08:14 AM
Welome to the Wall of Shame, olivergonegreen. You're banned for filthy SPAM!

Seriously, dude. British garbage collectors hawking their services at a math help web site? Instead, we could help you calculate how much money you're losing.

… It is an easy mistake to make, but it can also be a costly one. You should never confuse standard garbage with commercial garbage. The two are very different in approach and execution, something that we understand all too well. We work effectively in the fields of office garbage, property garbage, and domestic garbage … When it comes to property garbage services and office garbage services, we are the number one to consider and it isn’t difficult to see why. Our team understand that time is money when it comes to garbage, so you won’t find us disrupting your business … [we clean it up] …

But you are disrupting our business; our business is helping math students.

On the other hand, your web site is garbage; why don't you clean that up … by taking it down.

09-08-2018, 08:44 AM
Welcome to the Wall of Shame, annamarsh! You're banned for multiple SPAM.

Here you are (in your profile pic): Woman beginning her karaoke debut at the office party, when she suddenly realizes she needs more than just bifocals. (A quick scan of your web site confirms that you do need glasses -- and a beginner's course in English writing, too.)


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So you normally charge people for correcting your mistakes. I guess that's why you have the resources to churn out such outstanding work. That is, your work is truly in a category all by itself.

09-08-2018, 10:54 AM
Welcome to the Wall of Shame, Lauren Ebsary. You're banned for SPAM, and for contributing to the downfall of civilization.

Location: UK
Biography: Lauren Ebsary is a content creator and educational author. She has the potential to address EACH OF THEM professionally. She is the instructional creator, who makes use of numerous on-line gear to supply excellent work.

Like copy-and-paste?

Thanks for stressing your ability to address yourself as creator and author. Consumers have a right to know, before engaging with people who talk this way. Despite your disability, your web site shows you've achieved the same level of work offered by others.

(Why are you posting from Pakistan, by the way? Do they offer less-expensive Internet access?)

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09-08-2018, 11:19 AM

Banned for SPAM

7-Sep-18 15:46 charlienoahim charlienoahim@gmail.com
7-Sep-18 14:21 olivergonegreen olivergonegreen@gmail.com
7-Sep-18 14:20 lumusislight lumusislight@gmail.com
7-Sep-18 12:51 PartheniaK anvar.pyakshev871@mail.ru
7-Sep-18 09:55 PartheniaK anvar.pyakshev871@mail.ru
7-Sep-18 01:23 mamta585 mamtakaur585@gmail.com
7-Sep-18 01:21 dachshund11 dogaccessories11@gmail.com
7-Sep-18 01:18 anycolleges directadmission111@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 10:24 Tulipa nouicerryma@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 09:13 maybomvietnam luan01689432050@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 09:12 ErmelindaT jewellesleger4542@yahoo.com
6-Sep-18 07:52 Easyweb21 buiquynhngan83968@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 06:40 jahda4648 ershenhenhao@sina.com
6-Sep-18 06:39 jahda4648 ershenhenhao@sina.com
6-Sep-18 06:38 jahda4648 ershenhenhao@sina.com
6-Sep-18 06:37 jahda4648 ershenhenhao@sina.com
6-Sep-18 01:27 whatsmode whatsmode9@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:27 anthonythompson anthonythompson4245@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:26 wifipaswrdfrmandrid successtechnology12345@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:26 Johnmorri321 jm108032@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:26 apachiakw apachiakw@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:26 Stephen3211 stepstrange2@gmail.com
6-Sep-18 01:25 Steve4899 steverogers4899@gmail.com
5-Sep-18 11:07 ponnisingh qonni987@gmail.com
5-Sep-18 11:07 jonny788688 jonny788688@gmail.com
5-Sep-18 07:00 ShadiKiwebsite ponnivenkatachalam768@gmail.com
5-Sep-18 04:50 vickyciky vigneshwaran@way2smile.com
5-Sep-18 04:50 Vnex21 phungphinhung78379@gmail.com
5-Sep-18 04:50 RaphaelBol somboon78@yahoo.com
5-Sep-18 04:49 math help123 allhomeworktutors@gmail.com
4-Sep-18 05:43 areenaliie liieareena1@gmail.com
4-Sep-18 05:39 areenaliie liieareena1@gmail.com
4-Sep-18 05:39 areenaliie liieareena1@gmail.com
4-Sep-18 05:37 ccenews ngoduykhiem69822@gmail.com
4-Sep-18 03:35 FIDEwan732 ewanvanguilder91@rise.numaze.com
3-Sep-18 19:31 Ason smaug15@yandex.ru
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1-Sep-18 10:21 WillySouth narukpon54@yahoo.com
1-Sep-18 10:21 CraigMcCau gsacanoncomijsetup@yahoo.com

09-12-2018, 03:58 PM
I like this thread! ;)

09-19-2018, 07:55 PM

Banned for SPAM

14-Sep-18 23:13 jhonandrson11 hassnainsial95@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 23:11 buoidienbaominh buoidienbaominh@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 11:43 ritikaguptas ritikaguptasexy6@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 11:42 andey-gram gramandey008@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 11:42 Shenho blinddropshippingchina@gmail.com
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14-Sep-18 11:40 kriti11 kritimahajan894@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 09:14 washington tonwashing1994@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 09:13 evelyn1 jsmdigital938@gmail.com
14-Sep-18 09:12 evelyn1 jsmdigital938@gmail.com
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13-Sep-18 02:50 meganward meganward1213@gmail.com
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11-Sep-18 13:12 DavidAnderson ihatewritingessayscom@gmail.com
11-Sep-18 09:51 paullundy paullundy@yandex.com
10-Sep-18 11:09 kateymartin kateymartin01@gmail.com
10-Sep-18 08:11 Nancie1 jsmdigital26@gmail.com
10-Sep-18 02:16 lepanga2 lepanga2@gmail.com
8-Sep-18 13:56 LaurenEbsary laurenebsary01@gmail.com
8-Sep-18 10:20 nani170581 nani170581@yahoo.com
8-Sep-18 07:43 annamarsh annamarsh001@gmail.com
8-Sep-18 06:59 herbalalamitbc tbc123@mailnesia.com
8-Sep-18 06:58 konnisingh alok987866@gmail.com

09-19-2018, 08:54 PM

Banned for SPAM
I'd offer to help with this public service, but I fear my responses would not be appropriate for a site that is open to children.

09-19-2018, 10:55 PM
With that many bans per week just make sure you don't ban someone by accident. (Oh that was nasty. I had to tell him to create a new account!)


09-19-2018, 11:30 PM
I'd offer to help with this public service, but I fear my responses would not be appropriate for a site that is open to children.Feel free to forward your comments to a spammer (using your dummy email account, of course). I've received a few replies -- written in flowery language.

If you'd prefer to submit comments directly to a business, send me a PM. When I contact businesses, to request they stop spamming inappropriate web sites, I always mention that they could be supporting forced child labor, by contracting with web-builders. :cool:

09-19-2018, 11:35 PM
With that many bans per week just make sure you don't ban someone by accident …No worries. Banned members may log in to get a contact email address (but that's all they can do). Also, any ban or reporting is easily reversible. :cool:

09-20-2018, 05:29 AM
Welcome to the Wall of Shame, DFGDFG. You've been banned because you have dirty credentials. Akismet shows that sites have been banning you for weeks, under a variety of user names.


09-20-2018, 07:30 AM
Welcome to the Wall of Shame, DFGDFG.
That didnt take long. :D

09-20-2018, 06:18 PM
That didnt take long. :D
Thankfully! :mrgreen:


09-20-2018, 09:44 PM
That didnt take long.Somebody sent me a private heads-up, so I started digging around. ;)

09-23-2018, 04:15 AM
Banned for SPAM

21-Sep-18 10:06 Rkgupta rkgupta11394@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 10:05 Hp143 hp993882@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 10:05 KarikShayler karikshayler@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 10:03 albertseole albertseole@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 08:26 johnson05 hammerofthoritalyasli05@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 08:20 johnson05 hammerofthoritalyasli05@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 03:16 Instagram_Followers_Likes smmclix@gmail.com
21-Sep-18 03:15 maxlife39 oscarholm@moolmail.com
20-Sep-18 09:06 DFGDFG riteshkakkar29@gmail.com
20-Sep-18 08:38 NicholasWilson williamburns123@protonmail.com
20-Sep-18 08:12 lloydmba01 mukeshlloydmba@gmail.com
20-Sep-18 05:16 danguitar2 dangnguyenguitar2@gmail.com
19-Sep-18 22:18 agriexpo11 agriexpo11@gmail.com
19-Sep-18 22:17 CindyWinte ivoryoplingeredfe@yahoo.com
19-Sep-18 17:49 ConradWekly anatolidot@yandex.ru
19-Sep-18 17:46 ConradWekly anatolidot@yandex.ru
19-Sep-18 17:43 NonstopSigns vlad.kushneryk@nonstopsigns.com
19-Sep-18 17:41 NonstopSigns vlad.kushneryk@nonstopsigns.com
19-Sep-18 08:45 oanhyhct57 thatlong1918@gmail.com
19-Sep-18 08:42 Imperialaluminium imperialaluminiuminwerribee@gmail.com
19-Sep-18 08:42 jemyunicorns jemyunicorns@gmail.com
18-Sep-18 06:21 MatthewGoddak matthewgodenzi@mail.ru
17-Sep-18 22:36 techiezlnge kannanmeera29@gmail.com
17-Sep-18 22:35 PlasmatronIndia02 plasmatronindia49@gmail.com
17-Sep-18 22:35 daneporter11 daneporter11@gmail.com
16-Sep-18 06:37 yehwodi samdhprintmail@gmail.com
16-Sep-18 02:29 hocthacsy dangvantienf21994@gmail.com
15-Sep-18 08:02 danielluu danielluu92@gmail.com

10-02-2018, 08:42 PM
Banned for SPAM

28-Sep-18 05:43 lalcoR digitalmarketing2@lalcoresidency.com
28-Sep-18 05:42 MarieMacal mikepomeo123@gmail.com
28-Sep-18 05:42 NonstopSigns vlad.kushneryk@nonstopsigns.com
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27-Sep-18 03:43 Vicente74C vicente_mcpeak13@cialis20mgrxp.us
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25-Sep-18 02:43 TysonShepp tyson-sheppard@cialis20mgrxp.us
25-Sep-18 02:42 bans233 bans233@163.com
25-Sep-18 02:42 johnnguyen9881 johnnguyen9881@gmail.com
25-Sep-18 02:42 elviemason11 elviemason11@gmail.com
25-Sep-18 02:41 Mayraity mayrakufman@gmail.com
23-Sep-18 08:04 kimuyen kathynguyen941@gmail.com
22-Sep-18 05:21 ittraining1 itprojecttrainingahedabad@gmail.com
22-Sep-18 02:23 Robertteego transervicc@gmail.com
22-Sep-18 02:23 jessicaalba jessica73alba@gmail.com
22-Sep-18 02:22 honey113 honeythakur11394@gmail.com
22-Sep-18 02:22 forgotskypepassword seanmaxwell789@gmail.com

10-31-2018, 07:01 PM
How to calculate these tower for space craft

james29 is DFGDFG, has been reported by three other sites and is banned.


11-12-2018, 02:20 PM
As of 11-12-2018, these user names have been created by troll DFGDFG:


11-12-2018, 02:41 PM
53 Fake Members Banned for SPAM

31-Oct-18 22:55 james29 intelintel223@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:37 newyear2k19 techsqr33@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:24 Donaldkeymn mm@v-pay.biz
9-Oct-18 19:23 blustcksdwnld omvinayagathunai222@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:21 edugorilla support@edugorilla.com
9-Oct-18 19:20 renuraj rajrenu609@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:20 MikeKutler mailabsolutedigitizing@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:19 chillguy2 cshankar1117@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:17 rishabhpuri rishabhpuriauthor@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:16 slamewwod566 slamewwod566@gmail.com
9-Oct-18 19:16 Roodsatdavid davidroodsusa@gmail.com
8-Oct-18 03:45 lepanga1 lepanga1@gmail.com
8-Oct-18 03:45 xtreambee xtreambee@gmail.com
8-Oct-18 03:44 paylash ebrahimir28@gmail.com
8-Oct-18 03:44 caodangyduocsaigon tvssonseo@gmail.com
6-Oct-18 19:29 ChesterRid chester-riddle62@cialis20mgrxp.us
5-Oct-18 23:42 evelyncc1 evelynkelly195@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:42 healthd healthd@hotmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:42 kahootlogin vikramvelmani12345@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:41 TheVillaEscape1 kanikabakshi1010@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:41 priyasharma008 bosea5555@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:41 mangal143 mangalsingh11394@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:41 Alexhales alexhales912018@gmail.com
5-Oct-18 23:36 anita007 bosea6666@gmail.com
4-Oct-18 21:05 tinhkt5491 tinhkt5491@gmail.com
4-Oct-18 21:04 WendiLazen wendi.lazenby@cialis20mgrxp.us
4-Oct-18 21:04 priyasharma007 bosea4444@gmail.com
4-Oct-18 21:03 websoikeo365 websoikeo365@gmail.com
4-Oct-18 21:03 abhinavsi42 tangensys42@gmail.com
4-Oct-18 21:00 tinhkt5491 tinhkt5491@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 20:05 Xplore Institute xploreinstitute@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 20:05 webhostingjoin webhostingjoin12@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 20:04 malvikaadhikari malvikaadhikaricom@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 20:04 priyasharma09 abose4493@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 20:04 itisrozi itisrozi@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 00:07 mathimathi mathimathi8212@gmail.com
3-Oct-18 00:06 Denledsvlight denledsvlight@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:39 obatjantungkoroner obatjantungkoroner@mailnesia.com
1-Oct-18 22:37 empronc emproncsolutions@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:37 dawntogel okuncran999@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:36 nguyencuc hoacuc9001@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:36 ArnoldBour lorencoamay1984@yahoo.com
1-Oct-18 22:36 abcassignmenthelp abcassignmentchat@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:35 geektech waleedmarwat01@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:35 RoxannaPos dima.gostevskikh.88@mail.ru
1-Oct-18 22:35 mayaptrungtudong mayaptrungtudongvn@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:34 banhmique bmqseo@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:34 adamjones adamjones6330@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:34 avalee avalee076@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:33 danielwilsonasupc danielwilsonasupc@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:33 htmlsmarty htmlsmarty2@gmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:29 NYERYRYRY yhnrdtyrdtynrdynrtyn@protonmail.com
1-Oct-18 22:22 SamsanX toplada@tmaildir.com

11-12-2018, 03:59 PM
͏53 Fake Members Banned for SPAMYay! I'm going to have to look up my avatar at MHF. It's a ban button being hit repeatedly. :D


12-01-2018, 06:17 PM
206 Fake Members Banned for SPAM


30-Nov-18 14:17 websoikeo68 minhchau176t@gmail.com
30-Nov-18 14:17 CarmelinaStoodley mmmartamartinnn@gmail.com
30-Nov-18 14:04 Steffen Carter championtutorsingapore@gmail.com
29-Nov-18 17:27 nuage aradpsycho@gmail.com
29-Nov-18 17:25 miftahdeck hilon.maya@yahoo.com
29-Nov-18 17:25 camerwhit eazyautorent123@gmail.com
29-Nov-18 17:24 sjhonson smithjhonson625@gmail.com
29-Nov-18 17:24 kevwill kevinwillson1994@gmail.com
28-Nov-18 07:09 customerservicenumber knowcustomerservicenumber@gmail.com
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27-Nov-18 07:35 EddieW eddiewoods552@gmail.com
27-Nov-18 07:34 john12505 aman5655rajput@gmail.com
27-Nov-18 07:34 newyearall rakeshb8686@gmail.com
27-Nov-18 07:34 freemovies android@sharklasers.com
27-Nov-18 07:32 gemasdoth gemasdot@thopmail.com
26-Nov-18 03:00 seosai seosai143@gmail.com
25-Nov-18 04:08 NateCoungeau vezo@moruzza.com
24-Nov-18 18:02 alirazababaei nalinejhadniri123@gmail.com
24-Nov-18 18:02 KaleLowery asky@glubex.com
23-Nov-18 17:06 jikab yadavshubham99533@gmail.com
23-Nov-18 17:06 Marjairty marjoriemile@gmail.com
23-Nov-18 17:06 leehans786 leehans786@gmail.com
23-Nov-18 17:05 imnorrisdean imnorrisdean@gmail.com
23-Nov-18 17:04 ericpinciotti ericpinciotti@yahoo.com
23-Nov-18 17:03 imronwoods imronwoods@gmail.com
23-Nov-18 17:03 bemyflower office@bemyflower.co.uk
22-Nov-18 06:10 Lily Cole alexaaa25@yandex.ua
22-Nov-18 06:09 MarkWilliamson kimawink@gmail.com
22-Nov-18 06:07 drasticds myintership02@outlook.com
21-Nov-18 06:13 nerdymike ukraniansteel@gmail.com
21-Nov-18 06:13 BSBLDR501DevelopAndUseEmo stephanied7784@gmail.com
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20-Nov-18 05:45 cuod88b cuod88b@163.com
20-Nov-18 05:34 windwtchsuprt dhamardarnkumarvel34@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:33 Linwood77Z john.jacob4321@megahost.info
20-Nov-18 05:33 jaketarmy jaketarmy@mailnesia.com
20-Nov-18 05:33 anita008 bosea7777@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:33 suanonnhapkhau suanonnhapkhau12@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:32 TylerJhonson tylerjhonson99@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:32 Rannutsavkutch01 rannutsavkutch01@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:32 suhanawilliams21 suhanawilliams21@gmail.com
20-Nov-18 05:30 jennrose230 rountan230@gmail.com
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02-02-2019, 05:55 PM
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The first two holes contain 152 fake accounts. The last two holes contain 164 fake accounts -- all created by some poor fool in Russia with Bek for brains.


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Continued in Hole #2 …

02-02-2019, 05:57 PM

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Continued in Hole #3 …

02-02-2019, 05:59 PM

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Continued in Hole #4 …

02-02-2019, 06:00 PM

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19-Jan-19 01:22 BieberBek advancepydy@youmail.icu
19-Jan-19 01:22 ChangqingBek advancepydyln@youmail.icu
19-Jan-19 01:22 TamTamBek advancepydylns@youmail.icu
14-Jan-19 08:00 MisBek missouri2@missouriloan.us
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02-02-2019, 10:52 PM
How come I don't see Jomo's name in there?

02-03-2019, 12:22 AM
How come I don't see Jomo's name in there?
He hasn't been banned yet. Please try to keep up.


02-04-2019, 04:37 PM
How come I don't see Jomo's name in there?There's a DenniceBek. Anyone you know?

02-04-2019, 09:01 PM
There's a DenniceBek. Anyone you know?
Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr distant cousin.....always in trouble......disowned by the clan.....
used to scratch under his arms with his feet...

Subhotosh Khan
02-05-2019, 09:31 AM
Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr distant cousin.....always in trouble......disowned by the clan.....
used to scratch under his arms with his feet...That's an amazing "feat"? He was a Yogi??? Yogi Berra???

02-05-2019, 11:10 AM