View Full Version : Chi Square Distribution: Driving distances for each day of the week

04-08-2013, 03:28 PM
A salesman who is on the road visiting clients thinks thaton average he drives the same distance each day of the week. He keeps track ofhis mileage for several weeks and discovers that he averages 122 miles onMondays, 203 miles on Tuesdays, 176 miles on Wednesdays, 181 miles onThursdays, and 108 miles on Fridays. He wonders if this evidence contradictshis belief in a uniform distribution of miles across the days of the week.Explain why it is not appropriate to test his hypothesis using the chi-squaregoodness-of-fit test.
My answer:

This problem fits a multinomial experiment, not a goodness-of-fit test. The hypotheses would be something like the following:

Ho: There was no preference shown (equally distributed).

Ha: There was a preference shown (not equally distributed).
Question also states run a full hypothesis test How do you do this? How would I do this in minitab to show Chi square test output? I tried enetring data and got error message insufficent data.