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  1. need help simplifying sqrt[3] / sqrt[48]

    ok so theres the square root of 3 divided by the square root of forty-eight
    im stuck on how you can do the equation without using a calculator and getting a decimal. dot you have to ge a perfect...
  2. oh thank you :lol:

    oh thank you :lol:
  3. polynomials: (1/2xsquared - 3/2x+2) - (3/2xsquared+1/2x-2)

    hey i kinda need help on my algebra. ive been having quite a few problems with the subject for quite a while now.

    now on this problem

    (1/2xsquared - 3/2x+2) - (3/2xsquared+1/2x-2)

    so wat i...
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