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  1. my attempt

    here is the complete problem along with the needed formulas and my attempt, as in the link below:
  2. fourier

    i have 1-D heat PDE, and am required to solve it using Finite fourier cosine transform (FFCT), and one of the B.C equals U_1 , and someone said that you need to use stationary solution..
  3. stationary solution for u(x,t)=v(x,t)+h(x) for heat PDE with BC of U1

    what is the meaning of stationary solution h(x) and how can I find it for this equation u(x,t) =v(x,t) +h(x) for heat PDE with BC of U1, can you explain in details?
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    actually, that is all the information that i have, you can also check in this image:

    < link to objectionable site removed >
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    help in mass-spring modeling problem

    Suppose at time zero, the bob was drawn upward four units from the equilibrium position, let C=2, K=2, m=1 lbm, initial speed=2 unit/sec find an expression for body's position.

    and in the solution...
  6. solution

    yes, thanks.
    i posted the problem.
    do you have any info related to the problem ??

  7. solving heat PDE using Finite Fourier Cosine Transform

    the problem is
    solve the following heat problem using FFCT:
    A metal bar of length L, is at constant temperature of U_0, at t=0 the end x=L is suddenly given the constant temperature of U_1 and the...
  8. solving partial differential equation with laplace

    Hello Gentlemen,
    am trying to solve this PDE (as in the attached picture)

    < link to objectionable site removed >

    also my attempt is included, but i stopped in step, can you help me with it?...
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    Fourier Transform

    Hello everyone,
    am trying to solve this Fourier Trans. problem,
    here is the original solution < link removed >

    Q/ How did he come up with this result and where is my mistake?

    All equation are...
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    Complex fourier series

    Hello everyone,
    can anyone solve this Complex Fourier series problem in details(specially the Cn coifficient please, (picture attached)
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