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    State a pair of values from p and q

    T is the matrix \begin{bmatrix} 2q &0 \\ p& p \end{bmatrix} They asked to find the determinant of T which I did and that is 2pq. Then they said, if q= 1/2 and p=4, find the inverse of T which i did and it is \begin{bmatrix} 1 &0 \\ -1& 1/4 \end{bmatrix} Now the question states: ''If T...
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    Vector of P magnitude: O(0,0), A(-1,3), B(-5,4), C(7,P)

    Hello, I have four points O (0,0) A(-1,3) B(-5,4) and C(7,P) I have found vector AC to be (8, (p-3)) Now the question is stating what are the values of P for which '' l Vector AC l '' (those two vertical lines are included)=10 Im guessing this is th magnitude so I sub it into the formula...
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    Physics question

    Hey i know this is a math site but IM struggling with a not too difficult physics question, so I didn't know where else to put this if there's anyone here who's good and has knowledge of physics please help :( The qustion says State the nature of the unbalanced force which is responsible for...
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    Make x the subject of (2xy)/z + 2x - L = 0

    Here is an equation, with three varibles x, z, and L . . .(2xy)/z + 2x - L = 0 I want to make x the subject. I would think to do this: . . .(2xy)/z + 2x - L = 0 Bring L across . . .(2xy)/z + 2x = L Then factorize the left side: . . .2x(y/z + 1) = L Simplify the term (y/z + 1) into ((y...
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    Prove points A,P and E are collinear.

    In the figure, not drawn to scale, ABCD is a parallelogram such that (vec) DC = 3x and (vec) DA = 3y The point P is on DB such that DP:PB = 1:2 Given that E(not drawn) is the midpoint of DC, prove that A,P and E are collinear. Hi guys, I'll attach the picture below. I know that collinear...
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    If a circle has twice the diameter, is it twice as large or 4 times as large

    Hi let's say we have a circle of diameter 15cm, and another circle of diameter 30cm. Is the second circle 4 times as large, or twice as large. Using the circumference formula I'll find out that the circumference doubles, but using the area formula I'll see that the area quadruples, so what is...
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    How to find angle x marked in red? (bearings from Point X to pts R, S which are...)

    Here is a better diagram, As you can see the triangle formed by the horizontal plane corresponds with the bearing 210. My reasoning was I need 360 degrees to complete the bearing, I already have 210 and I already have a 90, that gives me 300 degrees, so the only angle left to fill that space...
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    How to find angle x marked in red? (bearings from Point X to pts R, S which are...)

    Hi, I don't have much of an attempt here, but here goes nothing: I'm trying to find the angle x marked in red, just trying to figure out methods using rules such as angles in a triangle, alternate etc. I have two bearings marked in orange from Point X to points R and S which are 270 and 210...
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    Find missing angles In pentagon ABCDE and angle ABC=angle BCD=CDE

    Hello, here is a pentagon ABCDE and angle ABC=angle BCD=CDE Calculate giving a reason for each answer the magnitudes of angles (i) ABC and (ii) CDX. Here is my attempt, for angle ABC, I know the angles in a pentagon add up to 540 degrees, and I know it can be consisting of three separate...
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    Solve equation for X: 125^(3x) = 1/5^(18) (so far, I have (125)^{3x} * 5^{18} = 1)

    Solve this equation for X 1253x =1/518 So far I have , (125)3x * 518 = 1 What kind of steps are required here? Or I was thinking perhaps writing the expression as such 1253x = 5-18
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    Find angle of latitude: distance between P (63° N, 70°E), R (63° N, x° E) is 900km

    Find angle of latitude: distance between P (63° N, 70°E), R (63° N, x° E) is 900km Hi I've done a question on latitude and longitude. It states : Take the radius of the earth to be 6400km and pi to be 3.142. (i)The distance between Town P (63° N, 70°E) and Town R (63° N, x° E) is 900km. If Town...
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    Calculate distance traveled velocity time graph: accel. uniformly to 30km/h in 2 min

    A driver starting a car from rest accelerates uniformly to a speed of 30km/h in 2 minutes. She maintains this speed for another 5 minutes then applies the brakes and decelerates uniformly to rest in 1 minute. Now they ask to draw a velocity time graph, no axes given, just a sketch, which I did...
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    Find n(P∩Q∩R')

    Hello, last question for tonight but I was doing a venn diagram question and I made it all the way to the almost end, there's just one last part that is getting me. The question states that given three sets, P,Q, and R such that R is a subset of Q and n(U) =(P∪Q∪R)=100, n(Q∪R)=75, n(Q ∩ R) =...
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    Given x= (y-5)/(y+2), express y in terms of x

    x= (y-5)/(y+2) How do I express y in terms of x? Attempt: x(y+2)= y-5 xy+2x = y-5 y=xy +2x +5 But this is not the correct answer.
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    Find coressponding values of tanx for each x in 0°≤x≤270°

    Find coressponding values of tanx for each x in 0°≤x≤270° Hello I made a graph from 0 degrees to 60, with degrees on the x axis and sinx and tanx on the Y. I found that the equation sinx=tanx the value of x which shows this is 0° Now they ask derive the value for which sinx=tanx in the range...
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    Write f(x) = 20x - 9 - 4x^2 in the form f(x) = c + (ax + b)squared

    f(x) = 20x-9-4x2 Derive f(x) in the form f(x)= c+(ax+b)2 I grouped like terms : -4x2 +20x-9 I factored out -4 [x2 +(20/-4)x -(5/2)2 ]-9 +[(-4)-(5/2)2 ] Now I rewrote as a perfect square : -4[x-(5/2) ]2 +16 Now I multiply the the bracket by -4 I get : (-4x+10)2 +16 Rewrite as 16-(4x+10)2...
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    Balance to be repaid: cash price $12480; computer bought on hire purchase

    Hey, I have a question here and I'm mad at myself I can't figure it out, it's literally on the easy section. It goes, : ''The cash price of a computer is $12480. It can also be bought on hire purchase by making a 25% deposit and paying simple interest that is equivalent to 20% on the...
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    Find the angle of elevation of T FROM P

    Hello I have a question here. I will post two pictures including a diagram interpreting what I drew for the question. From my diagram I have obtained the distance PR to be approx 118.7m using the Sine Law, in this particular case, I did PR/Sin95° = 75/sin39°, from here I just solved to get...
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    Help to find length of Side Np

    Hello, I have two images here, the first of which is a diagram of the question below it. So as you can see from the question they want the length of NP. Now In my diagram, I equated the angle of depression of L to N, as 28.7 degrees on the right angled triangle with hypotenuse 9m. Now from...