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    Calculus- Chain,product or quotient rule?

    Hi, teachers ;) I have been doing some work but I am confused. Have you ever heard of this great math website (Google for maths). This is one questions I done differantiate 3e^-4tsin(5t) and here is the link for the answers from...
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    Calculus Spreadsheet for an RC circuit

    I have recently been given the following question but I have no idea how to differntiate the equation or plot the equations. Can you please help me? Capacitor = 100 nF Resistor = 47 kΩ Supply voltage = 5 V Charging characteristic for a series capacitive circuit: v=V(1- e-^(1/T)) where T=CR...
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    Urgent graph, differentation help :( !!!

    Hello academics. Can you help this student? Your colleague tells you that the operation of a smoothing capacitor depends on its charging and discharging characteristics and these are what you should investigate. They show the results of a simple experiment in which a capacitor was connected in...