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  1. Whateverchan

    Projectile shot and dropping object.

    1. The height (in meters) of a projectile shot vertically upward from a point 4 m above ground level with an initial velocity of 25.5 m/s is h = 4 + 25.5t − 4.9t^2 after t seconds. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) So, I found its velocity, maximum height, and how long it takes to...
  2. Whateverchan

    Ln Derivatives

    No, this is what I put. Sorry, I stayed up all night doing other homework so I was sorta half as sleep when I typed. :(
  3. Whateverchan

    Linearization problems.

    Can someone explain to me how to do these two problems? My idiot teacher couldn't explain a single thing, the textbook instructed me some nonsense and told me to use a calculator, other sources on the internet were too complicated. I don't even know where to start. :-x
  4. Whateverchan

    Ln Derivatives

    Hi guys, :D I am stuck on these two log derivative problems. For the first one, I tried using ln to solve it. (7x ln sqrt(x))' = 7 ln sqrt(x) + 7x (1/sqrt(x)) (1/2) (x)^-1/2. For the second one, I think I have to solve it with implicit diff. y' = 2ln(3x) + 2ln(5y) y' = 2(1/3x)(3) +...