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Thread: Advices to improve my math skills

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    Advices to improve my math skills

    Hi everyone!

    I would like you to suggest me some exercises/website where I can improve my skills.
    I have always had good results in math tests but what's more annyoing is that apart from the schools exercises I am not able to think or to find the reverse formula.
    So basically I don't know what should I study and some good sources to find.
    Another example is the use of proportions: at school we did a lot of those exercises but I would like to understand how to apply those also to some exercises we didn't do at school. I would like to understand the logic behind every math operation in more complex contexts.

    Hope you guys can help me

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    Maths is a very diverse topic meaning it has so many different concepts in it that it's hard to know the logic behind "everything". But I applaud your willingness to try to understand how interesting maths can be. Personally, I prefer KhanAcademy ( because it tailors to how much you mastered certain concepts and whether you need to review them or not. But that is just my opinion and it can differ from others.
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