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Thread: Strange Problem: e/-7 + 8 = 19

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    Strange Problem: e/-7 + 8 = 19

    e/-7 + 8 = 19
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    Sorry, I guess I don't know how to use the [EDIT] button.

    Can't tell what is wanted. Please show your best efforts and perhaps a better representation of the actual problem statement.

    Note: we use [ t e x ] [ / t e x ] tags for math formatting.
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    Hi. You posted on the pre-algebra board. If you're studying pre-algebra, then symbol e represents an "unknown" number. Your task is to figure out what number symbol e must be, in order to make the equation a true statement.

    I assume that you already know how to do arithmetic with Integers. If you have not worked with negative numbers, let us know.

    e/(-7) + 8 = 19

    Start by thinking about the quantity e/(-7). We see from the equation that adding 8 to this quantity yields a total of 19. So, what number do we add to 8, in order to get 19?

    That number is what you can use to find e because that number is the same as e/(-7). Think about it! Try stuff, using scratch paper.

    If your class has already covered algebra methods for solving equations (like adding or subtracting stuff from both sides, or multiplying both sides by a number), then please show your steps so far, using those algebra methods.

    Otherwise, please answer my question, and we can go from there (if you still need help).

    Also, please read the forum guidelines. Thanks
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