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Thread: Mathematical No-Man's Land b/t Intuition & Comprehension???

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    I've never done an earnest study of math, other than in school. Are you asking about undergraduate texts? (I'm not sure what you mean by 'pure').

    As the Lang book comes highly-recommended, I'd just start there. It usually doesn't take long, to discover whether you can follow an author or not. You could download some free introductory texts at middle/high school level (i.e., through intermediate algebra) and perhaps a trigonometry text. That way, if you struggle with one of Lang's presentations, you can concurrently look up the same topic using the index in other texts.

    I have this one, on my desktop, for use as a quick reference (it begins with intermediate algebra, with some beginning algebra review, and covers some precalculus topics, as well as trigonometry).

    I also use this site, when looking for tutoring material (it begins at the grade school level).

    Also, I'd like to note that I edited my first post; I had incorrectly paraphrased Einstein, and I modified the rest of that paragraph, as well. Cheers
    Lol at that text being called Version 'pi'. I'll come back someday and report on my progress. I'm really trying to stick with the Math this time. I think I have a knack for it. Thanks for all the help and the links. Cheers to you as well, bro.

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