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Thread: Place value: "The numeral for twenty hundredths is...?"

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    Place value: "The numeral for twenty hundredths is...?"

    The numeral for twenty hundredths is:
    a. 20
    b. 0.20
    c. 0.020
    d. 0.002

    I think is c

    Which digit is in the thousandths place in the number 9.1274

    c. 7
    d. 4

    I think is d
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    Unfortunately, neither of your answers are correct. It may be helpful to return to the definitions of the terms involved here. What does "one hundredth" really mean? Well, it means 1/100. What, then, does "twenty hundredths" mean? Can you convert 1/100 to a decimal? What do you get? What do you get when you translate the fraction you got from "twenty hundredths" into a decimal? Do you see now why your answer is incorrect?

    For the second question, you (should) know that the first digit after the decimal point is the tenths position, the second digit is the hundredths, and the third is the... what? It may help to note that 9.1274 can be written as [tex]\dfrac{9}{1} + \dfrac{1}{10} + \dfrac{2}{100} + \dfrac{7}{1000} + \dfrac{4}{10000}[/tex]. Can you see why this is the case? How does this relate to the question at hand? How does it help you discover which number is in the thousandths place?

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    place value

    When looking for a "place value" that is hard to see, I put a 1 in that place and check the value of the resulting number.
    Here's a way to find the hundredths place by starting with 1.0 and counting down by a factor of ten with each count.

    1.0000 One's place
    0.1000 Tenth's place
    0.0100 Hundredths place
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    20000000.000000 twenty millions
     2000000.000000 twenty hundred-thousands
      200000.000000 twenty ten-thousands
       20000.000000 twenty thousands
        2000.000000 twenty hundreds
         200.000000 twenty tens
          20.000000 twenty ones
           2.000000 twenty tenths
           0.200000 twenty hundredths
           0.020000 twenty thousandths
           0.002000 twenty ten-thousandths
           0.000200 twenty hundred-thousandths
           0.000020 twenty millionths
    In each number above, the last digit of 20 goes in the named place-value.

    So, "twenty hundreths" means put the last digit of 20 in the hundreths place: 0.20

    To write 345 millionths, put the last digit of 345 in the millionths place: 0.000345

    To write 44 tenths, put the last digit of 44 in the tenths place: 4.4

    To write 25 thousand, put the last digit of 25 in the thousands place: 25000.0

    This all gets easier, after you memorize the place-value names. Keep practicing!
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    By the way, doesn't "numeral" mean "digit"...? So none of the answer-options is correct, because there is no one "digit" for twenty of anything...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stapel View Post
    By the way, doesn't "numeral" mean "digit"...? So none of the answer-options is correct, because there is no one "digit" for twenty of anything...?
    I do not believe "numeral" means "digit." The Arabic numeral for "twenty" is 20, and the Roman numeral for "twenty" is XX. "Numeral" means a symbol representing a unique number.

    "Digit" is a word only with meaning in a numeral system using place value such as the decimal system or the hexadecimal system.


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