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Thread: Casio Calculator Issue FX9750gII

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    Casio Calculator Issue FX9750gII

    Here is step by step what Im trying to do and the error that I receive. Any help would be great.

    Table function I need the step to be .01 but every time I try to use it I receive a range error.
    8+40.8x-16X^2 press set go to steps and change to .01 then I press the exe button and receive the error message. Any Idea on how I can work this problem would be a great help as my teacher isnít familiar with the Casio Calculators.

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    Have you read the User's Guide? Here's a link:

    The table function is discussed, beginning on page 5-15.

    Also, in your post, you typed 8 + 40.8x - 16X^2. Don't mix symbols x and X.

    If you believe that you have followed the User's Guide and have not done anything to generate the error messages discussed, then maybe this calculator cannot handle small step values, like 0.01.

    You may need to contact a support representative:
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