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Thread: Simple probability question event not occuring.

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    Cool Simple probability question event not occuring.

    So I'm sure I have been able to do this in the past but over the years of not using this knowledge it has kind of slipped away.

    What I wish to calculate is the probabiliy/percentage of an event not occuring.

    So for this example ;

    I have a dice with 150 sides, 1 is positive the other 149 are negative.

    I roll this dice 1500 times.

    How do I calculate the odds of me not hitting positive one single time?

    I'm sure this is beginner stuff but I tried searching the web but couldn't find it clearly.

    So if someone could enlighten me that would be much appreciated, thanks for reading.

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    If you have only one, it's a "die".

    Independent Events. Does any roll depend on any other roll?

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