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Thread: Third-Party Image Hosting Sites: A WARNING

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    Third-Party Image Hosting Sites: A WARNING

    I have already found that links to imgur are not allowed in this forum. We simply cannot control all of the inappropriate images that the imgur site adds to their pages.

    Do not post URLs to the imgur site.

    Now, tinypic has become problematic, as well. My latest experience showed that members/guests are at risk of downloading malware or commercial nonsense, by intentionally or accidentally clicking on fake, pop-up warnings about their computer. I'm certain people also agree that we don't appreciate aggressive advertising, which opens additional (sometimes hidden) instances of their browser to start video/audio advertising.

    Do not use the tinypic site.

    Do not use the postimage site.
    Some of their pages display degrading images of women.

    Please choose an appropriate image-hosting site. It's best to try inserting the image with [tex]\text{[im}\text{g]}[/tex] and [tex]\text{[/im}\text{g]}[/tex] tags versus posting an URL. This often results in only your image being displayed, with no clickable path to the hosting site. (To use images at the imgur site, img tags are required. Ensure your posted image from imgur is not clickable, or it will be deleted.)

    The forum guidelines contain additional information about attaching images to posts.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, in helping us to keep the boards a safe, pleasant, and professional environment.

    ~ MarkBot
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