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    Free GED Preparation

    If you like to study math, you can try studying online at an interesting and effective resource. I found the videos and infographics in Test Prep Toolkit really helpful. It's a resource and study guide for the GED and ACT test, and although I'm not planning to take them, the lessons are valuable, and they're applicable to any situation as well, not only the aforementioned tests

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    That site does appear to be free, but I was a little disappointed with the first math video I reviewed.

    There were sloppy uses of pronouns (referring to items displayed near a fast moving, tiny dot that moves around the screen but is very hard to see).

    Also, I understood what the narrator meant, but there is more than one misstatement.


    "… 5 divided by 6, can't do that so …"

    "… five-sixths, well that's going to be a little bit more than one-half…"
    (she then marks 5/6 on the number line at 3/4)

    I have not reviewed any other materials at that site; I glanced at a few pages. This is my first impression, while vetting the site for commercial links and requests for credit card information.
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