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Thread: How to make quotient smaller: 52,450,298,928/1,179,739 = 44459.21139; then divide...

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    How to make quotient smaller: 52,450,298,928/1,179,739 = 44459.21139; then divide...

    Sorry if the title is strange but this is a bit of a last gasp.

    I am trying to figure out how someone got a number. I know that they divide total wages by average employment

    At the moment, I have 52,450,298,928 / 1,179,739 = 44459.21139. Then divide that by (52*40 or 2080) and it comes to 21.37462. I need the quotient from the first ratio to be 42,848. Which then if you divide by 2080 yields an end result of 20.60.

    The report produced by someone else in the past show an end value of 20.60. The issue is that while I am assuming that they used the method shown above, there is no documentation of what data or how they got the number.

    I am running dozens of scenarios as to how this person got this number. My question is this. Is there some method/formula for devising how much my numerator and denominator have to decrease by in order to achieve 20.60. The numerator and denominator in this instance can't increase. I realize that there a high number, if not infinite, number of combinations that will produce 20.60. I am thinking that if I know the relationship between the two values changing that I can decode this mess better.
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    Do you have access to historical data? Previous reports? Any additional constraints? Do you need to recover a lost report knowing only that the ratio was 20.60?

    If, for example, you have data for several years but one year is missing, you can graph total wages and employment over known years and interpolate the missing values. Then check the ratio. If it's not 20.60, see if you can adjust one or both interpolated values a bit (so that the graph doesn't become too wild) to get 20.60 exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis View Post
    I'm completely mystified...hope you're not joking!
    52,450,298,928 / 1,179,739 = 44,459.23965, not 21.37462

    Decreasing the numerator:
    25,216,473 / 1,179,739 = 21.37462

    24,302,623 / 1,179,739 = 20.60

    sorry, made the appropriate edit.

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