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Thread: (Help) Finding "x" in an equation: (x-1)3/4 = 64.

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    (Help) Finding "x" in an equation: (x-1)3/4 = 64.

    I'm grade 9 doing very basic algebra, and I came across this question which I just can't figure out.
    It's asking me to find the value of "x" in the equation (x-1)3/4 = 64. They haven't explained how to do this in the book and i'm home schooled so no teacher to ask. That x-1 throws me off.
    Can anyone please explain how you get the answer and what steps you go through to find x? Thank you all. Hope this makes sense.

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    What would you do if it were just 'x', rather than 'x-1'? Please demonstrate.

    Also, please clarify. Is that [tex](x-1)^{3/4}\;or\;(x-1)\cdot\dfrac{3}{4}[/tex] or something else?
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