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Thread: Help required with camels!!!!

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    Help required with camels!!!!


    One-fourth of a herd of camels was seen in forest. Twice the square root of the herd had gone to mountains and the remaining 15 camels were seen in the river. Find the total number of camels.

    The equation stands out to be: x/4 + 2√x + 15 = x
    But after that i'm not able to complete that. Please Help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justalexparker View Post
    x/4 + 2√x + 15 = x
    To solve an equation like this, where x appears inside a radical sign, we need to eventually square both sides of the equation.

    It's easier to square, if you first get the radical term by itself (on one side). In other words, subtract x/4 and 15 from each side, before squaring.

    After squaring each side, you'll have a quadratic equation.

    If you would like more help, please show us your work so far.
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