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Thread: figuring out a factor for testing tickets: Bugs are bad, passbacks are good

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    figuring out a factor for testing tickets: Bugs are bad, passbacks are good

    Sorry for the vague subject. Have some data in excel that looks like this:

    Ticket TestingTime PassBacks Bugs
    1 0.05 1 0
    2 1.12 0 0
    3 2.3 2 2
    4 3.6 8 1

    I need to figure out a mathematical way to determine how well people are doing in testing tickets. Bugs are bad, passbacks are good, and, in general, the less testing time the better unless bugs are created. Passbacks should provide the tester with a credit against the negative of having a bug but not in a 1:1 way.

    Ideally, this is presented as a factor of some sort that I can then use as a scale of good to bad.

    Here's some subject analysis to help align what we're looking to create a factor around:
    Ticket #1: Very good. They spent very little time, had a passback and had no bugs
    Ticket #2: Good. Spent a little more time, no passbacks, no bugs
    Ticket #3: Bad. 2 bugs is bad regardless of the time spent but they spent quite a bit of time which also isn't good. However, they had 2 passbacks which lessens the blow of the 2 bugs slightly.
    Ticket #4: Bad. They spent a ton of time testing, had a lot of passbacks (good), but still ended up having 1 bug.

    Ideally, I'm creating a single formula that factors all of this in and I can then apply a bad to good range on it. Thoughts?

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    It's more than simply vague. You've managed to narrow the problem down to infinitely many possibilities. Most importantly, I think, is that most of the resolution will have to come from how YOU feel about it and how YOU think the various elements should be related. So, give us something to work with. It's your formula. You're the one who will have to live with it. It's development should come from you.
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    I agree. Was hoping for some ideation but also agree that it's too early. Let me noodle further.


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