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Thread: Error 500 - Internal Server Error

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    Error 500 - Internal Server Error

    Several times over the last two days I have tried to post an answer but been unsuccessful with a message "Error 500 - Internal Server Error". I composed my answer in Notepad then copied and pasted it so I cannot see that there are any issues about formatting. Can you help please?

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    This has been happening to me a lot too. I haven't been able to figure out whether the errors have been correlated with something I've been doing (e.g. having incorrect LaTeX markup in my post) or just coincidental.

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    In my experience, it's because some sequence of characters within somebody's posting is conflicting somehow (???) with the back-end script. The back-end script panics, which causes the server to gag, and then we all get the "500" error.

    Sometimes this is recoverable (if the troublesome post is erased and not reposted), but sometimes the issue is persistent, especially if the poster keeps trying edits or snippets, without knowing what the frick the problem is. Then we all have to wait until the server host notices the error, and reboots the server.



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