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Thread: Happy Valentine's Day!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jomo View Post
    So that is what happened to you. Now I understand everything.
    Well I have my hockey stick have none!!
    I'm a man of few words...but I use 'em often!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis View Post
    I memorized that in the 1970's but "lost it"
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry_the_cat View Post
    I won't be typing that into my graphics calculator!
    I'd thought interested folk would copy-n-paste to their favorite CAS. Now, I've realized that not all graphing software recognizes stuff like Heaviside() or signum() and there could be other issues with direct copying. Sorry 'bout that.

    Here's the parametric plot, as produced using MVR5.

    "English is the most ambiguous language in the world." ~ Yours Truly, 1969


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