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Thread: math chatrooms

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    math chatrooms

    well with my current math course dates are generally not an issue, if a problem is too hard for me i know to post it well in advance, but the problem is my brain doesnt stop thinknig over it and i end up refreshing a post so often i want to tear the problem sheet to shreds so i was wondering if anyone knows of any math chatrooms on the web, or irc, or somewhere. ?

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    Please let me know if you find any! Thank you!

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    Ahh finally something I can post worthwhile. Go to Math Message Board and look in the upper left hand corner and click chat, the chats pretty popular so youll probable get more speedy results.
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    Use mIRC and logon to EFnet, there you will find some execellent math, physics, and science chatrooms. Some popular ones are #astronomy, #c, #Calculus, #ee, #electricalengineering, #M-a-t-h, #math, #mathematics, #physics, #TeX. #math is a very active mathematics chat room.

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    Re: math chatrooms

    hey everyonee!


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