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Thread: Interesting Math Technique modelled for $500!

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    Interesting Math Technique modelled for $500!

    Interesting math technique modelled here: ... n_method/#

    I hope the admin don't mind but it's very cool and in the name of math. I can't believe this guy has made $500 with this.
    I want money, that's what I want.

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    This is just the "lattice" method, about which much is available online.

    The method is quite old (at least 1200's in Europe, if not before). The difference between the lattice method and the now "standard" method of long multiplication is that the lattice method splits up the process into more pieces. There isn't less work; there's a bit more. But the individual steps, as long as you can keep the "carrying" straight, may be a bit simpler.

    This method is now commonly taught (or at least "introduced") in American elementary schools. I'm surprised the guy was able to con somebody into paying that kind of miney for yet another lesson on this topic.



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