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Thread: Indeterminate? lim [t->infty] [-(t 2^(-t)) / ln(2)]

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    Indeterminate? lim [t->infty] [-(t 2^(-t)) / ln(2)]

    [tex]\L \lim_{t\to +\infty} -\frac{t2^{-t}}{\ln{2}}[/tex]
    is this just equal to zero? or will i still evaluate it using LHR

    i think so
    [tex]\L -\frac{\infty}{2^{\infty}\ln2}[/tex]

    using LHR:
    [tex]\L \lim_{t\to +\infty} -\frac{t}{2^{t}\ln{2}}[/tex]
    [tex]\L \lim_{t\to +\infty} -\frac{1}{2^{t}(\ln2)^2}[/tex]
    [tex]\L = 0[/tex]

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    You're right, Adam. It's 0


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