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Thread: All my threads need approval?

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    All my threads need approval?

    Yes, I'm new... however, when I ask for homework help, the homework is due the next day, by the time my thread is approved I won't really need the help since my teacher will have explained it...

    Will there ever be a time where I WON'T need approval? What do I have to do so I don't need it? I am so bad at math, I need the help ASAP. I try Yahoo answers, and don't get answers half the time, so I came here, and this place isn't helping since I have to wait for my question to be approved.

    Sorry if I sound mean or rude, but I'm just really upset right now, like how am I supposed to get help? :/

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    First few posts in general, or just first few threads? If it's first few threads, is there are way to speed up the process? (for example, helping other people with their work, etc.)

    And yeah, I know, but posting here is better than not getting any help at all ^^; Who knows, someone could answer.

    And I don't like people giving me the answer (at least, not until I've figured it out on my own, lol). I just need to know where I'm going wrong, and what I need to do to go right

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    I know. Thanks for your response!


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