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Thread: Stuck :p... Please Help!

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    Unhappy Stuck :p... Please Help!

    It says to solve each equation by factoring. and the problems are like (2x-3)2 =0, (2n+3)(n-5)=0, m2=4m+12, 3v2=-24v but im stuck I don't understand this :/ can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldieLocks View Post

    solve each equation by factoring

    (2x-3)2 = 0

    (2n+3)(n-5) = 0
    The left-hand side in each of these two equations is already factored; thus, you do not need to factor, and you may proceed directly using the Zero-Product Property.

    Did you learn this property, yet? It says that the only way a product of two expression can equal zero is if one (or both expressions) is itself zero.

    In other words, because we see that multiplying the expression 2x-3 by itself results in zero, we know that the factor 2x-3 must be zero.

    2x - 3 = 0

    Solve this for x.

    Likewise, because we're told that multiplying the factor 2n+3 times the factor n-5 results in zero, then the Zero-Product Property tells us that one (or both factors) must be zero.

    2n + 3 = 0

    n - 5 = 0

    Solve these for n.

    The remaining two exercises are not factored for you; you need to do the factoring yourself. On each of these, start by moving all terms to the left-hand side, so that the right-hand side is zero. Then factor, and proceed as above.

    If you would like more help, please show what you've tried thus far or ask specific questions about whatever has you stuck.

    Cheers ~ Mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldieLocks View Post
    It says to solve .... but im stuck I don't understand this
    WHO says to solve?

    Why are you stuck: bad teacher? missed classes?
    I'm just an imagination of your figment !

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