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Thread: Linear program (Loan type)

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    Linear program (Loan type)


    Thanks for any help you guys can offer, I'm unsure of how to model an LP for this.

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    Paying total of 5,000 monthly, cheapest way to pay off these 3 Debts:

    D1 : 20,000 @ 0.5% monthly
    D2 : 50,000 @ 1.0% monthly
    D3 : 40,000 @ 1.5% monthly

    IF there is a required minimum monthly payment on all 3 debts:
    -make minimum payment on D1 and D2
    -apply 5,000 less above to D3
    -once D3 paid off, apply 5,000 less D1 min. payment to D2
    -get the picture?

    IF D1 and D2 will accept to delay payments and charge interest only:
    -apply 5,000 to D3 until paid
    -then figure it out!
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