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Thread: Odd Notation

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    Odd Notation

    On the link for complex numbers

    we say So, i = sqrt(-1), or you can write it this way: -1 1/2 or you can simply say: i 2 = -1.

    That notation for exponents is used throughout the link. I do not think that notation is standard. If it is a standard, it is so seldom used that I believe it will be hard for students to understand.

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    No, that is not standard notation for exponents.

    It looks like a case where copy-and-paste was not able to hold onto the superscript coding in the original.

    Ted will need to manually reformat those missing superscripts.

    Thank you for pointing it out.
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    Unfortunately, "Free Math Help" is notorious for bad formatting and, sometimes, simply wrong information.
    (Oh, Dear! This is the "Free Math Help" forum, isn't it?)
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