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    The problem is am terrible at math in every way. I failed this assignment in January. I failed it again last week and my lecturer has allowed me to repeat it again for free.
    I failed again, he has again helped by asking me to have another go! Last chance really! so please please help anyway you can. answer ANY question from the 5 below.

    Background: SmartWeb
    Maggie Smith, an Engineering graduate from the University of Ulster , has decided to set-up a web design and IT training consultancy. She will work from home initially and has turned a spare room into an office. She has secured initial work with some local companies for web design and a training contract with a nearby training centre. Her father has given her a small loan of £3000 to help her set-up the venture which she lodges in month 2. She will commence her business in March 2006 (month 1).

    1. Sales
    The projected turnover (sales) is as follows:
    Web Design

    Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Amount £ 380 548 180 448 280 405 55 500 275 1325 500 500

    Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Amount £ 1380 1644 2450 1525 2818 890 2150 1500 825 3975 1500 2000

    *Sales will be on a cash or cheque basis.2. Capital Equipment
    Maggie plans to buy a lap top computer in month 4 costing £700 (£19.45 per month depreciation).
    She also plans to buy a projector and LCD panel in month 8 costing £1500 (£41.65 per month depreciation).

    3. Software
    In month 6 she will buy £1000 worth of software.

    4. Stock
    She will spend £400 on training material stock in month 1. There is a nil opening stock as this is her first year in business. The stock of materials left at the end of the year has an expected value of £50.

    5. Printing & Stationery
    £100 in months 2, 5, 8 & 11.

    6. Power, Heat & Light
    Payments of £55 in month 2; £20 for months 4 & 8; £75 for months 6 & 9; £40 for month 12.

    7. Transportation & Entertainment
    £160 for months 1- 8 & months 11 �12. £120 for months 9 & 10.

    8. Promoter's Drawings
    Maggie intends paying herself £1600 each month as a salary.

    9. Telephone & Fax
    Expected payments are £40 for month 1& 2; £140 from months 3-12.

    10. Web Hosting
    A payment of £435 will be due in month 2.

    11. Personal Loan Repayments
    She has agreed to repay £20 in month 3 and £80 each month there after.

    12. Subscriptions
    £37 is due in months 1 & 12.

    13. Financial Expenses
    £250 in month 12 to be paid to the accountant.

    14. Depreciation
    IT equipment will be depreciated to zero value over a 3 year period. The Depreciation for the IT equipment in the first year will be £322 for the Equipment listed in point 2 above.



    1. What is the cost of sales?

    2.What is the total cost of expenses for the year?

    3. How much is Maggie projected total receipts for month 6?

    4.How will the 3600 Maggie spent to replace her equipment affect her projected net profit or loss? The depreciation on this equipment in the last 2 months of year 1 will be 200. What will the Net Profit/Loss be?

    5. How much has Maggie projected to spend on payments for the year?

    6. How much is Maggie projected sales for month 10?

    7. What is the projected net profit or loss for the year?

    If any of you can answer anything please help. I'm not asking you to do all the questions. If people can each answer one question or two from the seven i will be able to FINALLY pass after half a year later since january!
    The remaining 3 questions from the assessment i didnt ask as i know the answers to them!

    I wouldnt ask if i wasnt in serious bother with it

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    please. just one question is one step closer for me. i have 4HOURS!

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    how wold my instructor know!?! for god sake the man is allowing me multiple free repeats telling me to have another bash. too paranoid i can confirm he wold never know and neither of us would sue. dont be so ridiculous....please can someone give me ONE answer i need it i havbe half an hour PLEASE

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    WELL..........looks like not one person on here could give 5 minutes of their time to help a guy out. Tried it again by myself and failed again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanr1991 View Post
    WELL..........looks like not one person on here could give 5 minutes of their time to help a guy out. Tried it again by myself and failed again.
    No - we could not help a guy to CHEAT.
    “... mathematics is only the art of saying the same thing in different words” - B. Russell

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