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Thread: Plz help to solve the equation!

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    Plz help to solve the equation!

    Hi everybody,
    I don't what to sound like a complete noob,but i am :_) and I have no idea how to solve this.
    I'm trying to calculate the cost of Delta V maneuver for Hoffman transfer. I now the formula and all the numbers for it. But I really need somebody to show me how exactly perform the calculation or point me to the direction were Ii can find it. Thanks a lot


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    ??? That's arithmetic! I would think anyone who knew what a "Hoffman transfer" was would know how to add 700+ 600+ 800+ 600 was. Same for 2(800+ 600). It would be more complicated to find the square root "by hand" but you are using a calculator aren't you?

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    I'm very ashamed

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