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Thread: Right Hand Riemann sum with n=5 (CalcII)

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    Right Hand Riemann sum with n=5 (CalcII)

    I'm STUCK and can't solve part b
    I'm getting a negative number for the answer and it's wrong.
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    We can't tell what you are, or are not, doing wrong if you don't tell us what you did!

    The problem says to use the "Right Hand Riemann Sum". So what are the correct values of x and g'(x) at each point? What is [tex]\Delta x[/tex]? You will need, of course, to multiply [tex]x^2[/tex], [tex]g'(x)[/tex], and [tex]\Delta x[/tex] for each interval, then add.

    I don't see how you get a negative answer when every number you are given is positive!
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