I'm Crazy. PlaneCrazy!


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Aug 24, 2018
Greetings, all

I'm just introducing myself.

As a mechanical engineer, musician and general tinkerer, I rely heavily on simple mathematical models to solve many design problems. However, recently I've been feeling myself growing stupider every day. I haven't done a lot of calculus in the more than 15 years since I graduated and these are skills that I cannot bear to lose. I try to solve puzzles on sites, or from my old textbooks, but the creative approaches to solving those problems and the extent of the participants' background knowledge simply boggle my mind.

I have now decided to refresh myself by getting reacquainted with the elementary aspects of calculus, such as derivation from first principles. I hope that you fellow members on this forum will take pity on this poor curmudgeon if I ask questions that seem on a first-year level.
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