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Khan Academy now offers free SAT Preparation


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Oct 6, 2005
The Khan Academy is a free, on-line resource for
students of math and science. They have recently partnered with the College Board, to offer free SAT preparation materials and more.

From khanacademy.com, "The partnership between Khan Academy and the College Board directly addresses one of the greatest inequities around college entrance exams: the culture of high-priced test preparation. Now, for the first time, all students have the opportunity to practice for the SAT with completely free, best-in-class materials."

If you're preparing for the SAT exam -- or you know somebody who is -- check out this exciting new program at

And, of course, if you need additional help with math exercises, volunteer tutors are here every day. Feel free to post your request for help, after reading our forum guidelines. (Here's a link to the
summary page.)

Cheers! :cool:



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Apr 26, 2015
Khan academy is great

I just started using khan academy today