Lay of the Land (Mensa Brainteaser)


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Apr 22, 2015

Lay of the Land

Think of a word for a daisy or tulip, but write down its five-letter homophone (sound-alike word). In front of this homophone, write the four-letter word for a theater box or the front section of a theater balcony. Move the last letter of that word so that it follows the homophone. Directly in front of that moved letter, add the letter found in Superman's insignia. Take the first three letters of your letter string, which can be defined as a chunk of firewood, and reverse those letters. Change the fifth letter in your 10-letter string to the letter that is the abbreviation for the temperature scale in which 100 degrees is the boiling point of water. Close up all spaces between the letters in your string. Now add a space in the correct spot to create a two-word phrase that relates to this puzzle's title.