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Mar 12, 2019
Design an aesthetically appealing pool that has at least one non-linear side. Your design must be unique and meet the needs of your client. Produce a report to present to the clients that includes:  The design of the pool. (Aerial view only)  The placement of the house and the pool on the block of land: placement must take into consideration the council regulation that there is to be at least 1m clearance around the house and the pool from any sort of boundary or other structure.  After the initial design and placement have been determined, you must refine (not redesign) your functions to reduce the footprint of the pool in order to allow for other outdoor structures, such as a garden shed or a pool pump area, to be constructed. It is essential that you use the approach to problem-solving and mathematical modelling provided.
To complete this task, you must:
 Use your knowledge of functions, area and scale to investigate this problem and create a design
 Provide a response to the task that highlights the real-life application of mathematics
 Use analytical and algebraic procedures along with appropriate technology  Respond using a report format, which can be read and interpreted independently of the instrument task sheet
 Develop a unique response Stimulus
This is the house and land package purchased by the family. You are required to use this for your plan.

Hi guys,

How can I shift the ellipse function into the circle into circle function? I also want to include a cubic function inside the circle as a divider in the pool.

Please post your suggestion



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Nov 12, 2017
It isn't clear what you are asking for. You can't just "shift" the ellipse to make it into a circle; they are different shapes. Please clarify your goal.

As for suggestions about "including a cubic function", that is your creative role, not ours. What is it you want to do, specifically, and where are you having trouble with it?