The Runner's Rate


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Sep 6, 2005
The rate of a runner running the 400 meter run in 50 seconds is given by a differentiable function r(t). The table below shows the rate as measured every 5 seconds:

Time (seconds) :arrow: Rate (m/sec)
0 :arrow: 0
5 :arrow: 5
10 :arrow: 7
15 :arrow: 10
20 :arrow: 12
25 :arrow: 13
30 :arrow: 11
35 :arrow: 9
40 :arrow: 8
45 :arrow: 7
50 :arrow: 6

A.) Explain why r(t) is a continuous function.

B.) Given some time (t=c) on (0, 50) and using correct units, explain the meaning of:

lim ((r(c)-r(t))/(c-t))
t -> c

C.) Is there some time on the interval (0, 50) such that r'(t)=0? Explain.

D.) Find the average acceleration on [10, 40]. Label your answer correctly!

E.) Approximate as accurately as possible the acceleration of the runner at t=30 seconds. Show your work and label your answer!


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Jan 29, 2005
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