Ti-83 vitrual calculator


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Jul 10, 2014
I have searched for close to 8 hours for the answer to the question and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Can I download and use a virtual Texas Instruments calculator without legal issues? Are these free versions below an illegal copy? I am completely willing to pay for a legal copy but the problem becomes I cannot find any that suit my needs. I need an exact replica of a Ti 83, 84, or any of those common graphing calculators to use in videos for my website.

The version I would like to use is one very similar to the one on this website. http://videomathteacher.com/free-resources/free-downloadable-math-calculators/download-free-virtual-ti-calculator-online/

I like the calculators that you can punch the numbers in directly just like if you had a physical calculator in front of you.

Texas instruments does have downloads on their website that seem to be free to use. However, I cannot punch in numbers and commands directly to the physical window of the calculator but instead must put the numbers in windowed boxes. This will be confusing for my videos so I do not want to use those Texas Instrument website versions here http://education.ti.com/en/us/software/details/en/480DF008128C49DDA5E882E76CE9C8B2/swti83plussdk. Maybe I am missing something? Can the Texas Instrument website downloads be made so no extra windows are present?

Please help me. I am not great at math or online calculators and all I want to display in my videos is the most basic graphing calculator functions but I want to make sure the people viewing it are not going to be confused by a lot of side windows. Thanks in advance.


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Oct 6, 2005
Are these free versions below an illegal copy?
The second one is at Texas Instrument's website, so it's not illegal.

I suggest that you contact Texas Instruments directly, regarding your legal concerns.

At that time, be prepared to state exactly which application you would like to use, rather than mentioning the one above which is similar to what you want to use.

(I could not get the page at videomathteacher to load; a server at trustlogo dot com was timing out.)

Cheers :cool::cool: