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    What is the difficulty here. The job takes 1920 hours to complete. You want to complete it in 6 days---192hrs/6days = 32hr/day. That...
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    Saumyojit posted the thread T&W q5 in Arithmetic.
    24 men working 8 hours a day can finish a work in 10 days. Working at the rate of 10 hours a day, what is the number of men required to...
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    Otis replied to the thread Numbers.
    Hi Halls. The op doesn't contain the word 'two'. I worked out a nice progression (if using algebra), but I'm going to wait a few more...
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    iamsteve03 replied to the thread Number Theory.
    First things first, this is a MUST BE kind of a question on the concept of GCD(HCF); therefore, there is bound to be more than one case...
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    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for you help! I'm building a financial app and I need some help with making a "distribution...
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    Dr.Peterson replied to the thread T&W q4.
    Since there is no mention of volume, I would take the volume of the tank as 1; that is, measure volume in tankfuls. There is no data...
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    Saumyojit posted the thread T&W q4 in Arithmetic.
    A tank, which usually takes 5 hours to be filled, takes 6 hours to fill because of a leak. Find the time in which the leak can empty the...
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    Yes, of course 19/23+ 8/23= 27/23 is greater than 1. Part of the time all 3 people were working together and that time is counted in...
  • Jomo
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    Hi. Do you know what is the value of \cos (\pi) and \cos(2\pi)?
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    HallsofIvy replied to the thread Math help.
    The first line has "= 4" but that has disappeared after. Also you still have "x" everywhere except at the last "(k+ 3)x" Your original...
  • Jomo
    Jomo replied to the thread Derivative Help!.
    You did not take the derivative with respect to t. You should have gotten 2avdv/dt=-2bxdx/dt
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    HallsofIvy replied to the thread Numbers.
    "Two consecutive whole numbers" must be of the form n and n+1. Their sum is 2n+ 1 which is necessarily an ODD number. Any EVEN number...
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    I think you tried to write: 16 \ = \ \frac{2^5}{2}
  • topsquark
    topsquark replied to the thread Help!.
    No. It was apparently a spasm of some kind. I have no clue. -Dan
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    First, I suspect you have not copied the problem exactly, as it should be talking not about "the half-life of C", but about "the...