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Thread: Please Report Corrupted Posts

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    Please Report Corrupted Posts

    Many older posts have various issues with text formatting. I think most of it happened when threads were imported into v-Bulletin. There may also be issues with some LaTex code, from the switch to MathJax. Some posts contain broken links.

    Here's an example of one type of corruption:
    Year 1 P + rP = P *(1+r)[sup:gmp5jz9j]1[/sup:gmp5jz9j]equals balance after the first year.
    Year 2 (P + rP) + r(P + rP) = P*(1+r)*(1+r) = P*(1+r)[sup:gmp5jz9j]2[/sup:gmp5jz9j] equals balance after the second year.
    Year 3 ? [(P + rP) + r(P + rP)] + r [(P + rP) + r(P + rP)] = P*(1+r)[sup:gmp5jz9j]3[/sup:gmp5jz9j] equals balance after the third year.
    Another example is:
    Giant-sized type

    If you could take a moment to report issues like this, when you see them in the forum, we would appreciate it. It's easy: use the post-reporting tool. The icon appears near the lower left corner of the post; it looks like a black triangle containing a white exclamation mark. Once alerted, we can repair these posts. Thanks.
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