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Thread: Basic Information about the LaTex Math Formatting System

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    Basic Information about the LaTex Math Formatting System

    The LaTex typesetting system is available here, for formatting math. Its use requires learning programming codes and syntax. You can google for tutorials and examples, but, unless you plan on using it a lot, the learning curve may not be worth the effort for you. (As an alternative to LaTex, this site explains how to format math expressions using plain text.)

    Also, be forewarned that there are several different implementations of LaTex on the Internet; not everything you may see elsewhere works the same way here (if at all).

    If you'd like to view the coding for any LaTex formatting in this forum, you may right-click on the LaTex expression and use the pop-up menu to: Show Math As > TeX Commands.

    At this site, each line of LaTex coding must be enclosed within [tex]\text{[te}\text{x]}[/tex] and [tex]\text{[/te}\text{x]}[/tex] tags.

    Here's an example of LaTex:

    [tex]\displaystyle \int_{a}^{b} 3x^2 + 7x - 10 \; \text{dx}[/tex]
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