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    Guidelines Summary

    Welcome to our tutoring boards! This page summarizes some main points from our
    posting guidelines.

    As our name implies, we provide help (primarily to students with homework). We do not generally post immediate answers or step-by-step solutions to assignments. We help by having a conversation with you about your current difficulty. Please begin this conversation by telling us about your situation.

    Here is what you need to do, to get good help quickly!

    . ֺֺֺ Post the exercise or your question completely and accurately.

    The easiest way is to copy exercises word-for-word AND to use the preview button
    to proofread your typing. PLEASE begin new threads for different exercises.

    ֺ Explain what you already understand about the exercise.

    It also helps us to know what math class you're taking or what subject you're studying. The more we know about your situation, the better we can tailor our replies.

    Examples: "I'm in seventh grade - we're learning square roots"
    Examples: "I'm a college freshman in calculus, and we're studying limits."
    Examples: "I'm a parent, and I have a quick question"
    Examples: "I'm an older student; please check my answer"

    ֺ Please show work you've already tried (even if you think it's wrong), and explain where you're stuck.

    We will check your work and then reply.
    If you cannot begin, then please tell us why. We need some clues about what you find confusing or unfamiliar, so that we can determine where to begin helping you.

    ֺ We may respond by asking you questions. Please try to answer these questions.

    ֺ If you're not sure what we're talking about, tell us! We can try again. (When people do not respond to our questions, we may think they're not paying attention or have given up.)


    NOTE: If you've learned about Order of Operations, then be sure to type grouping symbols in your posts where needed, to prevent confusion.

    For example, typing this: x+80/x-10 means [tex]x + \dfrac{80}{x} - 10[/tex]

    But typing this: (x+80)/(x-10) means [tex]\dfrac{x + 80}{x - 10}[/tex]
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