can someone help show me an example on how to use quaternion slerp to displace the position


in the Z direction by 167 and rotate 10 degrees?
Ive seen many many papers that show:


and the formula to multiply these 2 dual quaternions im familiar with is:


therefore I have tried:


which when applied to the formula to multiply looked like this:

[1,0,0,0][cos(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2)] , [1,0,0,0][0,0,0,167/2]+[0,64/2,0,0][cos(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2),sin(0.174/2)]

I think im missing something as my interpretation doesnt seem to bear any fruit. if someone could point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative. thank you.