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Thread: interpret the slope

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    interpret the slope

    how do you interpret the slope and y intercept in a real world case?

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    Um... wouldn't that sort of depend on what the case was? Or are you referring just in general to "starting value" and "rate of change"?


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    A real case of how to view slope and y intercept is to consider the following:

    In a business where you have a graph of $profit vs production volume, the y intercept is occuring when production volume is zero. This is your fixed costs ie the cost of renting a building etc.(ie a negative profit)

    The slope is a relationship between how costs are changing with volume or better shown as slope = $profit/volume

    This can be used to make simple decisions on the impact of changing volume ---more volume does not always equal more profit.

    The x intercept is the point at which you are no longing losing money (in the simple world)...
    Hope this helps


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