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    what does this symbol mean??? I came across a math problem that had this question....I don't remember the exact problem but it was something like this.....I don't know what this means.

    A(1,3,5,7,9) B(1,3,9,12) AUB=

    can you tell me how to do this and what that symbol means please

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    Re: AUB=

    It mean "A union B" or "A or B"

    What would "A or B" mean with regards to the two sets?.

    It would mean the elements that are in A or B.

    What is in A or B?.


    Now, if the symbol were upside down and you had [tex]A\cap B[/tex]

    That means, "A and B" or "A intersect B".

    What is in "A and B"?.

    That is, what do they share?.


    Those elements are in both sets. If you draw a Venn diagram, they would be in the intersection of the two circles.


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